Strategic Plan

At BCC we have always known that to be effective we must evolve to respond to the changing needs of our constituents and the changing world in which we live. Specifically, we consider the ways in which powerful regional, national and global trends intersect with community development strategies that are intended to create meaningful and wide-scale economic and social opportunities for low-income people. Our answers and observations help shape our goals, our vision and our five-year strategy.

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Bring new capital to underserved communities

Create partnerships and tools which increase access to cost-effective, market-rate commercial capital, including lines of credit from mainstream financial institutions and investments from public sector pension funds, insurance companies and socially responsible mutual funds.

Expand our core programs to meet the changing needs of underserved markets 

Invest where other financial institutions will not and create financing initiatives that bridge gaps between key players in the areas that affect healthy communities, reducing the silos in which these players often operate.

Expand our leadership role in the effort to build healthy communities

Work with civic, government, community-based and private sector partners and stakeholders to create and preserve resources for neighborhood stabilization and revitalization and to advance initiatives that have the potential to transform our communities.

Maintain organizational self-sufficiency, and strengthen staff and systems

Sustain 100% organizational self-sufficiency and invest in the staff, infrastructure and technology needed to achieve our goals.

Measure our social impact, and use learning to guide program iteration and innovation

Maintain an impact measurement system that asks questions which will generate actionable answers and use our learnings as tools to inform program evaluation and iteration, to support our policy work, and to guide our innovation of new products, programs, and services for the communities we serve.

Impact Stories

Impact Stories