At Boston Community Capital our mission is to build healthy communities where low-income people live and work.


About Us

Boston Community Capital is a nonprofit community development financial institution. Since 1985, we have invested over $1 billion in projects that provide affordable housing, good jobs, and new opportunities in low-income communities, connecting these neighborhoods to the mainstream economy. 

We were founded by a group of individuals from Old South Church with $3,500 in start-up funds and a vision of an organization that would stand at the intersection of downtown expertise and community values, bridging gaps between people and places to build a better world.

Over the years we have evolved in both capacity and knowledge. But our vision remains unchanged.

We have launched new business units, targeting specific problems—and in the process have expanded both our expertise and our ability to leverage that expertise. We have responded to shifts in the financial environment, addressing critical needs as they emerge, and seeking opportunities to increase our impact.

Today, the communities we serve face economic challenges that have threatened to undo decades of community development and revitalization work: the foreclosure crisis, unstable credit markets, high unemployment and a political climate that continues to highlight issues of economic inequality and the proper role of government in sustaining the social compact.

At BCC, we have risen to meet these challenges with action and ideas that target pressing community needs while forging a path for the future of community development finance. We have increased lending, grown our assets under management, and increased our net assets – ensuring we can assume the risks associated with new initiatives while maintaining the financial strength of our core programs.

We maintain our commitment to our borrowers and communities, harnessing our flexibility as a CDFI in order to keep capital flowing to underserved neighborhoods and populations.

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We are committed to working together with our peers and partners across the nation toward our goal of an inclusive prosperity that ensures that low-income people and communities have access to the tools they need to create wealth, opportunity and lasting change. Whether we are financing a health center or a charter school, solar panels or a saw mill, a low-income family or an established developer of affordable housing, our focus remains on developing financial tools, programs and ideas that provide access to opportunity, bridge gaps rather than widen them, and offer the potential and promise to change the world.


Our loans and investments have helped:

  • Build or preserve over 19,900 units of affordable housing
  • Support child care facilities serving over 13,000 children
  • Finance schools and youth programs serving over 15,500 low-income students
  • Health care facilities providing a comprehensive range of care to over 129,100 patients
  • Renovate over 2 million square feet of commercial real estate and community facilities in distressed communities
  • Create more than 4,440 jobs in low-income communities
  • Generate over 26.5 million kilowatt hours of solar energy
  • Provide fixed-rate mortgages that have allowed close to 900 families facing foreclosure to remain in their homes.

Impact Stories

Impact Stories